Enjoy Great Service at a Cut Price with a Bigstock Coupon Code

Compared to other stock photo websites, Bigstock may seem to have a smaller collection of images. But, it is still a huge collection with various high quality images to ensure you find what you are looking for. The stock photo website’s pricing offer is also much wider than that of Shutterstock. They have more pricing options on both credit packages and image subscriptions. It also add value to the collection by promoting a great search experience to customers.

On the other hand, Bigstock also shares some similar features with Shutterstock. They both have highly searchable catalogues. They also sport an advanced but easy to search filtering system, which allows you to find the images you are looking for faster and easier than other stock photo agencies. If you are new to the stock site, we have good news for you! You can now enjoy their great service with a 7-day free trial. Purchase a credit package or subscribe to a plan and you will get great discounts.

7 Day Free Trial

The 7-day free trial is offered to new customers of the stock site. It allows you to explore the website and check if it suits your creative needs and budget free of charge. If ever you decide to purchase some images, we recommend the 25 image credit package. This particular credit package will give you 10 more credits for free, which you can use to download 10 images of your choice. What are you waiting for? Get the Bigstock coupon code now!

15% Off on Credit Packages

bigstocklogoIf you are looking to buy images on demand, this is the Bigstock coupon code for you. It allows you to enjoy 15% discount on any credit package. Valid through December 31, 2024, you will surely save in your downloads of high quality images with this one.

15% Off on Image Subscriptions

Do you have a larger and more regular creative needs? Then, this is the Bigstock coupon code for you. You can use it to get 15% discount on any image subscription of your choice. Also valid until December 31, 2024, you can explore the stock site’s broad subscription offers and choose whichever fits your creative needs and budget.

Owned by Shutterstock since 2009, Bigstock is known for their awesome imagery, simply pricing and great service. It has a huge number of images in the library, which has reached over 37 million at the present. One remarkable feature of the stock photo website though is how well organized and highly searchable their library is. In short, you can find the images you are looking for quickly and easily. With a Bigstock coupon code, you can start taking advantage of this great features.


iStock is a Great Place to Find Stock Photos, Illustrations, and Videos

istock photoAre you in search of royalty-free stock images? If so, you need to check out iStock. IStockphoto is a great place to find stock photos, illustrations and videos. The company formerly known as iStockphoto has changed its name it simply “iStock.” Although the name is different, the quality they are known for has remained the same. If you are not familiar with iStock, keep reading to learn more about this great company.

What is iStock?

IStock is run by Getty, one of the biggest names (if not the biggest) in the stock photo industry. Therefore, it is a trusted service that can provide you with access to millions of stock photos and other images that can help you create fantastic projects.

Who can be helped by iStock?

Virtually everyone can find a use for stock images. The people who will find this service most helpful are those who are in search of photos, graphics, vectors, illustrations, videos, and other images. IStock has millions of these images from which its users can choose. Since there are so many available images, the chances of finding the perfect one for any type of project is great.

Does iStock provide high-quality images?


Absolutely. IStock not only has a high quantity of images, but they are also all of the highest quality as well. The images are all high-resolution and are ready to use as soon as they are downloaded.

What about royalties?

The images you can find on iStock are all royalty-free. This means that when you download an image, you are actually purchasing the license to use it. You have the right to use the image in any way you want to and in as many projects as you desire. The royalty-free license has no expiration date, and you will never owe royalty fees to the person who created the image.

Can I use the image for large quantities of the same item?

This area is one where there are some limitations. A standard license allows you to reproduce an image for a single use up to 499,999 times. But, once you hit 500,000 you must get an extended license. An extended license is ideal if you want to make promotional items such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, or anything else you want to distribute to large amounts of people as a form of advertising.

Why iStock?

istock photo homepage screenshot

There are lots of services that offer access to downloadable stock images. But, iStock prices is a cut above the rest. They have images that you will not find anywhere else. They also keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. They know what trends are important and work hard to inform their contributors to make sure the content they get is what their customers want and need. IStock also wants to make the process as smooth as possible for their customers, so they accept many different forms of payment including major credit cards, PayPal, and money orders or checks that are drawn on US or Canadian banks. Paying for your images is a snap. If you are an infrequent user of stock images, you can choose the pay as you go option and purchase credits that can be used whenever you need to download an image or two. If you use stock images on a regular basis, you can purchase a monthly subscription and save on the overall cost of your downloads.

Finding the perfect image is easy

You have to try iStock to believe how truly easy it is to search for an image. Images are all searchable by entering keywords, file type, contributor, collection, size, shape, complexity, details, additional filters, color, file number and light box. With so many options, it is easy to pick the one that works best for you and quickly find the image that will work perfectly in your project.

Other great features if iStock

IStock does not stop at having millions of choices and being easy to use. IStock has some additional features that keep them ahead of their competitors. For example, they have free weekly photos, illustrations, video clips, and audio clips. There is also a signature artist of the month. IStock takes the time to follow one of their contributing artists each month and provides users with the story of the artist. IStock is also multilingual. It supports English and many other languages including German, Dutch, Korean, French, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. So, regardless of the language you are most comfortable speaking, iStock will be easy for you to use.

As you can see, there is a multitude of reasons to choose iStock for your stock image needs. Check out iStock today so you can experience how truly excellent it is for finding stock photos, illustrations, videos and other images.


Keeping Dominance in Mind when Choosing Adobe Stock Photos

sell your work in adobe stock

sell your work in adobe stock

If you want to get the best Adobe Stock photos, you need to understand the principle of dominance in photography. Dominance is an important factor, especially when the subjects in your image is of the same size, color, shape, or visual weight. Since the subject is the most important, powerful and influential element of a stock image, you need to make sure that it is the first thing that viewers notice the most.

There 6 elements that can be dominant in Adobe Stock photos – texture, color, lines, scale, orientation and patterns.

adobe stock prices

  • Texture. Texture takes your design to a whole new level. It elicits an emotional response from your viewers. For instance, it emphasizes the fluffiness of a kitten, the heat of the desert, or the glistening skin of a rattle snake. As long as texture compliments the subject, it can make the difference between what is beautiful and what is magnificent.
  • Color. A dominance in color taps the emotional reservoir of viewers. Depending on the experiences of your viewers, they will have varied response. For instance, the color red can represent anger and danger or power and passion. When choosing Adobe Stock photos even with the same colors, never expect the same reaction from your viewers.
  • Lines. Dominant lines create more than just depth; they also lead. If you do not know how to choose the right photos, you may end up leading your viewers out of the image. In addition, lines also create emotional impact.
  • Scale. By choosing images with subjects dominant in size, you are making things more real for your viewers. It gives them something to relate to. It emphasizes how great a scene is, helping people comprehend it more. Since the idea of big for one person is different to another, this gives them an idea.
  • Orientation. Orientation refers to your camera being in the right position. By choosing images in Adobe Stock, review on this link, with the right orientation, you are able to rid unwanted clutter. The right orientation also makes your design look clean and professional.
  • Patterns. Dominance in shape and pattern often come as one. Take for instance, choosing images of a single flower. One flower makes an interesting subject. But two to three more gives the eye something more to look at.   

adobe stockDue to its acquisition of Fotolia, Adobe Stock offers over 45 million creative files to complete your projects. You have the option to pay for a single image or subscribe to a plan. If you are already a Creative Cloud member, you are in for a treat. You get to enjoy 40% more discount when you add an image plan to your subscription. To make sure you get the best images, always keep dominance in your mind.


How Not to Succeed in Business: Don’t Redeem Your DepositPhotos Coupon!

depositphotos-logoHow do you succeed in business? Well, for that, there’s a lot involved. It takes the right attitude, the right discipline and a little bit of business sense wouldn’t hurt. I’ve always told people that I can teach them how to do a job. What I can’t teach them, is how to do a good job. Although I can’t give you the right attitude, what I can do is give you the right tools. One of those tools is ensuring that you use professional photography.

Making the Case for Professional Photography

What does professional photography mean? Does it mean you have to go out and hire the most expensive photographer every single time you need a photograph? Does it mean every single time you need an illustration or a vector drawing that you go out and hire the most expensive graphic designer? Hardly.

The Fast Food Business

When was the last time you went out for fast food? For me, there’s nothing better in the world than a nice, hot, juicy burger. Meh, I could do without the fries – but that’s just me. Even so, fast food is greasy, fried, processed and just not good for you. Yet, for whatever reason, people line up in droves every single day just to get their hands on something that slowly kills them. OK, I’m being a little bit dramatic – it’s still food. Not to mention delicious food.

If we look at the facts, and we know that it’s not good for us, why do we keep going back? For starters, the fast food executives use professional photography. Yes – when I’m driving down the road, and I see a truck with an exquisitely made burger, every ingredient stacked just so perfectly, my mouth begins to water. For as many times as I’ve eaten fast food, the food I actually receive looks nothing like the photo. Now, I don’t eat fast food as much as I used to, but I still enjoy a good burger every now and then.

My point is this. The fast food business is a perfect example of what professional photography can do for any business – including yours.

Your business

I’m not going to kid myself – I have no idea what industry you’re in. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Whether you’re borrowing $30,000 to start your own brick-and-mortar small business, or you’re using $3000 of your own funds to start your own Internet marketing affiliate business – the result of the same.

With a brick-and-mortar store, you still need an online presence. And you sell one of two things – a product or service. If you sell products, look back to the fast food business. Look at your advertising or marketing budget, and ask yourself if you can really afford cheap photography that doesn’t get your message across. If you’re paying for something to be done poorly, then it’s not doing its job. If that’s the case, you’re wasting your money. If you’re selling a service, then photography would help you by photographing people who are using your service. Or in the case of performing service that doesn’t require user intervention, such as lawn service or cleaning, photograph the results of your service. Showcase to them what you can do. Is every job you’re hired for going to be handed to you on a silver platter and polished like the Ritz? Probably not – but you can make it feel that way before they hire you. That’s the beauty (and necessity) of professional photos.

DepositPhotos means business

DepositPhotos is not going to send a professional photographer to your house. No – they’ll do you one better. They’ll give you the option to browse through a massive library within the comfort of your own home. They started their business toward the end of 2009, and now they’re one of the big boys.

Library Size

Did I say massive library size? I meant it. Their library is home to over 36 million photos. Oh, let’s not forget to mention something else too. DepositPhotos is home to over 36 million professionally taken photos. I never said you had a photographer. What I did say that you have to have professional photography – something DepositPhotos delivers each and every time.

Library Variety

Having a library of 36 million photos is nice, sure. However, it doesn’t do me a lick of good if I can’t use any of them. Some good chap over at DepositPhotos decided that it would be a great idea to categorize the library into 36 different and distinct categories. Whomever he was – he was right. You see, we’re tired of the old businessman-walking-on-a-tight-rope cliché. You need professional photos that work for you. You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into your business, and it would make no sense to buy a photo that doesn’t work. Having a wide variety of photos at your disposal works distinctly to your advantage.

The 2016 DepositPhotos Coupon


You’re a professional. You have a lot on your plate. You’re busy – with good cause. For all the things you have, there’s one thing you don’t have – and that’s money to waste. No, you need to make every penny work for you. DepositPhotos understands that so they’re offering you a deal.

DepositPhotos Credits

They’re saying that for every new account that is created, they will give away five free credits a day for seven days. Add that up, and you got 35 free credits. Take a second and do the math. On average (and this is being frugal) a single stock photo can easily run you $10. DepositPhotos is giving you 35 of them. The next question is this. If I wrote you a check for $350 with no strings attached, would you take it? I know I would. That’s exactly what DepositPhotos is doing for you. It’s hundred word one of reading over editing it in the word one and the acting like

DepositPhotos Discount

We can do you one better. We can give you the DepositPhotos credits plus a discount on your first purchase. By using our link, you’ll be taken to a special page DepositPhotos made for us. Well, actually they made it for you. You see, by clicking on the little yellow button that says “Register,” and creating a new account, you’ll not only get the 35 free credits by the end of the week, but when you’re ready to purchase, you’ll be given a 15 percent discount as well.

After you create your account, you’ll probably be tempted to play around with their packages and pricing. By doing so when you’re logged in, you’ll see the little green button at the bottom that says “Buy Now,” and right next to you’ll see a red button that says “-15%.” When you are ready to make a first purchase, you’ll be pleased to see that the 15 percent discount that’s attached to your account will take effect.

How to spend DepositPhotos Credits

How do you spend your newfound credits? Here’s where it gets fun. You see, DepositPhotos offers more than just professional stock photography. They offer illustrations and vector images, editorial and news images as well as high-definition video footage. So, what are you going to spend your free credits on?

On Stock Photos

This has to do with licensing. DepositPhotos offers royalty-free photography. Stock photos are supposed to be nondescript. What this means is they cannot identify people, places or events. For lack of better term, they’re supposed to be blanket photos. You should be able to take any of the stock photos and use it for more than one application.

On Illustrations and Vector Images

Illustrations and vector images are not photographs. They are computer graphics. Illustrations are digital drawings or scanned drawings. Vector images use simple lines, curves, circles and polygons to create computer generated images. These are made by graphic designers.

On Editorial and News Images

Editorial and News images are the exact opposite of stock photos. These are designed to supplement stories written by journalists. Unlike stock photos, you’re supposed to use them to identify people, places and events. These photos enhance news stories.

On High-Definition Stock Video Footage

DepositPhotos has high-definition video footage as well. You can use these for YouTube videos, commercials and your personal use. In fact, did you know that most television commercials you see have some sort of snippet from high-definition stock video footage? It’s true – and they get them from places like DepositPhotos.

Where else can I use stock photos?

The sky is almost the limit when it comes to how you use stock photos. Remember that you’re not buying the image – you’re buying a license to use it. Royalty-free does not mean you can do whatever you want with it. Some commercial uses require the utilization of an Extended License. An example would be if you wished to print a stock photo on a T-shirt and sell the T-shirts. Technically, you could do this without an extended license. However, you would be limited to 499,999 impressions. Exceed that, and you need an extended license. This same stipulation goes for brochures, business cards or any other media in which you intend to make 500,000 impressions or more. Before you actually publish any photo using stock imagery, make sure you read what a royalty-free license allows you to do.

So how do you succeed in business? By redeeming your DepositPhotos coupon!