Keeping Dominance in Mind when Choosing Adobe Stock Photos

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If you want to get the best Adobe Stock photos, you need to understand the principle of dominance in photography. Dominance is an important factor, especially when the subjects in your image is of the same size, color, shape, or visual weight. Since the subject is the most important, powerful and influential element of a stock image, you need to make sure that it is the first thing that viewers notice the most.

There 6 elements that can be dominant in Adobe Stock photos – texture, color, lines, scale, orientation and patterns.

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  • Texture. Texture takes your design to a whole new level. It elicits an emotional response from your viewers. For instance, it emphasizes the fluffiness of a kitten, the heat of the desert, or the glistening skin of a rattle snake. As long as texture compliments the subject, it can make the difference between what is beautiful and what is magnificent.
  • Color. A dominance in color taps the emotional reservoir of viewers. Depending on the experiences of your viewers, they will have varied response. For instance, the color red can represent anger and danger or power and passion. When choosing Adobe Stock photos even with the same colors, never expect the same reaction from your viewers.
  • Lines. Dominant lines create more than just depth; they also lead. If you do not know how to choose the right photos, you may end up leading your viewers out of the image. In addition, lines also create emotional impact.
  • Scale. By choosing images with subjects dominant in size, you are making things more real for your viewers. It gives them something to relate to. It emphasizes how great a scene is, helping people comprehend it more. Since the idea of big for one person is different to another, this gives them an idea.
  • Orientation. Orientation refers to your camera being in the right position. By choosing images in Adobe Stock, review on this link, with the right orientation, you are able to rid unwanted clutter. The right orientation also makes your design look clean and professional.
  • Patterns. Dominance in shape and pattern often come as one. Take for instance, choosing images of a single flower. One flower makes an interesting subject. But two to three more gives the eye something more to look at.   

adobe stockDue to its acquisition of Fotolia, Adobe Stock offers over 45 million creative files to complete your projects. You have the option to pay for a single image or subscribe to a plan. If you are already a Creative Cloud member, you are in for a treat. You get to enjoy 40% more discount when you add an image plan to your subscription. To make sure you get the best images, always keep dominance in your mind.


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